Rold Skov (Forest)

Rold Skov Forest is one of the largest and most beautiful forests in Denmark. In Rold Skov, you will not only be able to find wonderful natural experinces, but also beautiful monuments and exciting activities. With Rold Skov Forest’s 8,600 ha, it is Denmark’s largest connected forest area.

The forest is full of opportunity, and with the many natural wonders you can find in Rold Skov, you will never leave without the most manificent and beautiful impressions. In Rold Skov forest, you can find the area called Troldeskoven, which is also considered as a magic forest because the trees looks like trolls. You can also see the beautiful forest garden, which is ideal for people with dogs. 
The famous hills in Rebild Bakker is also located here. These heather covered hills have for more than hundred years been important for not only Danes, but also American who decent from the Danish Emigrant.

Rold Skov Forest has many qualities such as the springs, the lakes and much more.