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Samsø Lamb Farm Shop

Sale of lamb meat and mutton from the local Gutefår breed, which have grazed in Nordby Bakker and Issehoved, sale of beautiful lambskins in natural colours, sale of beautiful poetic paintings by the artist Astrid Liebing Brunø.

Farm shop
The farm shop sells frozen cuts of lamb – legs, shoulders, chops and minced meat. Some of the sheep are processed into delicacies by the butcher in Hou – salamis with garlic, paprika and ginger and deliciously smoked, vacuum packed mutton meat in thin slices.

In addition, beautiful lambskins are sold in many natural colours – from completely light to grey and dark brown

Astrid Liebing Brunø graduated from the Jutland Academy of Fine Arts and the State School of Fine Art in Frankfurt am Main under the tutelage of Professor Per Kirkeby.

In the Gallery Astrid presents the exhibition ‘FLORA’, which includes abstract and somewhat figurative nature pictures from Nordby Bakker, where the sheep graze. It is the beautiful nature that has inspired her with its wild vegetation including, among other things, dandelions, violets and bindweed. Read more about the exhibition on the website.

Samsø Lam supports sustainable production and good animal welfare!

Samsø Lamb has ca. 240 lambs and sheep of the Gutefår breed, popularly known as viking sheep. It is an easy and agile breed that has a varied diet, such as wild thyme, beach cabbage and rose hip. This produces low-fat meat with an exceptionally good taste.

The animals at Issehoved carry out nature management in the so-called Natura 2000 locale, which are spray and fertilizer free zones.

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