Stenbjerg Landing Place

Former landing site for coastal fishermen

The houses at Stenbjerg Landing place date back to the year 1900, where changes in the fishingmethods made the possibility of storing and maintaining the tools under roof, necessary. The toolhouses were built by the fishermen themselves, often from cement stones, which were cast on the spot. The houses were built in simple constructions and from simple materials. In 2000, the houses have been re-stored to their originals. The preserved salvage house was built in 1931. It contains an exhibition telling the story of Stenbjerg and especially its Life Saving Service. Among other things the exhibition shows a rowable lifeboat from 1892.

One of the fishermens cottages has been equipped as an information centre for Thy National Park. The cottage is open almost all the year round and you can buy a cup of coffee or other beverages.