Tistrup Ure-guld-sølv

Unique jewelry and watches store located in Storegade in Tistrup. At Tistrup Ure-guld-sølv you will find a nice selection of jewelry, watches, gift items and other fine things. You will always experience a good quality and the latest Danish design.

Tistrup Ure-guld-sølv is located in Storegade in Tistrup and founded by Dorthe Sørensen.

For almost 47 years, Dorthe Sørensen has sold watches and jewelery in Tistrup, and for more than 100 years there has been a watchmaker and optician at the address.

At Tistrup Ure-guld-sølv, you always experience good quality and the latest Danish design. In the shop you will always find a nice selection of jewelry and watches.

In addition, Dorthe Sørensen also has several gift items and other nice things. Here you will find brands such as products from Spring Copenhagen and Kay Bojesen.


Further information such as opening hours can be seen on this website.