Universe Science Park – a truly amazing experience for the whole family

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Amusement & theme park

Mads Patent Vej 1

6430 Nordborg




Wondrous experiences await you

In 2020, you'll be able to experience lots of strange and fun new exhibits providing plenty of wow moments and challenging experiences for both children and adults.

Blast each other in our new wild TestLab where you can challenge each other in a ton of cool ways, collect points and see who's best. Or experience your favourite Angry Birds characters in our magical 5D simulator rescuing the eggs from the evil pigs. 

You'll be intrigued and educated: there are some ingenious and amazing things to do at the Universe Science Park!



Mads Patent Vej 1

6430 Nordborg

Orari di lavoro

13 Jun 20 / 18 Oct 20

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