Varde Miniby

Foto: ProVarde

Lundvej 4E

6800 Varde


Telefono:+45 3043 9011

Varde Miniby is the only miniature town in the world, to be built in precise accor- dance with traditional craftsmanship, is being erected in the town of Varde. The Arnbjerg Park provides an attractive setting for this in- creasingly popular tourist attraction. This is a miniature version of the former Varde which was destroyed due to certain townspeople cau- sing accidental fires during the 19th century. Varde is now being re- created on a scale of 1:10 in exact accordance with its appearrance around the year 1860.


Lundvej 4E

6800 Varde


Packed lunch permitted

Museum shop/News stand

Coach park

Mini town

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