Vinding Church

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Vinding church is a typical romantic village church with spire and a gothic style porch. In 1978 the church was renovated. The organ loft was removed, and a new organ was installed in the tower. 

Præstevejen 2a

7550 Sørvad



At the latest renovation in 2010 the parish council sought to make the Romanesque arch to the main feature of the church. The kneelers at the altar has again become a half circle and pew gables are round. Moreover, the historical furniture has been restored and there is a new tile floor in yellow stone. In this connection, the floor is now at a level from the entrance and until the kneelers in the chancel. The Romanesque baptismal font is made of granite. The Renaissance pulpit and altar piece are from the beginning of the 1600’s.

The church is open for visitors during the day, apart from Mondays.  

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Præstevejen 2a

7550 Sørvad

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