Walking Tour/Biking Trip: The Eco-Trails at Knuthenlund manor

Welcome to The Eco-Trails at Knuthenlund manor

Into the future - with the best of the past.

Come and discover how Knuthenlund Manor, using new organic growing principles, is reviving the proud family tradition of handmade quality cheeses, as a basis for a larger production of ecologically grown food based on the principle ”from soil to table”. With nearly 1000 hectares Knuthenlund is among Scandinavia’s largest organic farms. The improved conditions for plants and animals produce a visibly richer flora and fauna on the estate land. There are ample opportunities to experience this at first hand. Follow the yellow route if you are going to experience the beautiful ride along Ørby stream. It is ca. 5 km from Stokkemarke to Knuthenlund, and the trip through Ugleholt Wood is another 5 km. Cyclists should follow the red route.
Read about Stokkemarke town and its church in the trailleaflet Trail at Stokkemarke Hestehave.

You can find the routes here.

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