Raptor Tower

During the winter time the birds of prey are fed with offal from a platform outside the tower. You can get quite close to the biggest visitors, the eagles.

Also ravens, common buzzards, kestrels and rough-legged buzzards are eating the delicacies with pleasure.

The kestrels are breeding in the mounted nesting box and during the winter time it is also possible to see shrikes in the scrub.

Find the Tower in Lille Vildmose
The tower is situated in the south-western corner of the forest of ”Høstemark.” Follow the signs to the tower from the road ”Skovridervej” which open into road ”Ny Høstemarkvej”, about 3 kilometers south of the village Mou.

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Høstemark skov
9280 Storvorde


+45 99 31 75 50


  • Facilities

    • Bird tower
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Longitude : 10.206428
Latitude : 56.933724