Fanø Krogaard

Your home from home on the other shore only - 12 minutes by ferry from Esbjerg - with a great view over the Wadden Sea

Fanø Krogaard – Your home on the other shore 

On November 1st 2019 a new era began at Fanø Krogaard when we acquired the lovely site. It was also the beginning of a very comprehensive renovation from top to bottom. 

On 26th of June, we opened the doors to a new accommodation and concept focusing on maintaining the traditional dictation of being the place where Fanniker and tourists can meet every day throughout the year. We wish to maintain some of the existing traditions but also to add a variety of new approaches that appreciate Fanoe, the inn and guests. 

Krogaarden consists of 20 unique rooms and the two eateries “Den Fine Stue” and “De Tre Stuer”. 

We have made a special effort to decorate our lovely rooms as of giving you the unique vibe of Fanø Krogaard, where charm and soul are essential. Art and furniture are handpicked, so you can stay in an authentic atmosphere with a mix of vintage, antique and timeless Danish design. 

The kitchen at Krogaarden focus on serving savory and familiar dishes based on local and fresh ingredients. The restaurants basic values are that ecology, animal welfare and seasons put their marks on the menu card and that the elements of the dishes are prepared with an utterly respect for the classic, danish kitchen. 

At Krogaarden food is something you gather around for sharing by tasting and experiencing in unison.