Gjøl Bigård

Foto: Lars Bo Christensen
Local specialities
“Gjøl Bigårds Staldørssalg og Besøgsgård” (bee-keeper farm) makes it possible to come close to the bees’ wonderful world and taste the sweet drops from the season’s various herbs, flowers and trees.

Bjergets Vej 66

9440 Aabybro




“Gjøl Bigårds Staldørssalg og Besøgsgård” (bee-keeper farm)

Here honey in jars, comb honey as well as other beeproducts like beeswax, propolis, pollen and honey wine are produced and sold.

Gjøl Bigård is situated between Ulvedybet and Limfjorden.

The farmgate selling of honey and other products through selv-service takes place from the 1st June - the 15th August every Wednesday at 10 a.m. - 03 p.m. or as per agreement.


Bjergets Vej 66

9440 Aabybro

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