Grenaa Svømmehal

Grenaa Svømmehal offers a 25 meter swimming pool with 8 lanes, a children's pool and a hot water pool among other things.


In the 25-metre swimming pool which contains 8 courses, swimming events are often held, the pool is usually used for swimming lessons and schooling.
But on weekends and some evenings during the week, the basin is used for our public open visitors. In the pool, there is a 1 and 3-metre tilt respectively. The pool has a low content of chlorine.

Children's pool

Special attention is paid to the smallest members of the family in the Grenå Swimming Pool.
In the children's pool, the little ones can stroll around and play with some of our fun water toys, in the pool, there is also a 1.8-metre high water paddle hat as well as a hot tub.
The basin is divided into two parts, one has a water depth of 30 cm, the other a water depth of 20 cm and the water temperature is 32 °.
Here there is plenty of time for presence and good experiences for the little ones with their parents

Hot water

In public hours, you have the opportunity to use our hot water pool, it is always 33 degrees and has a depth of 1.3 m.
People with muscle pain benefit greatly from the warm water, it affects the blood circulation and makes you relax. We also have baby swimming several times a week.
The little ones from the age of 8 weeks love the warm water.
Furthermore, in the hot water pool, there are 2 full benches running on a time program and 2 air massage nozzles which are activated manually.

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