Hvide Sande Camping

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Karen Brandsvej 70

6960 Hvide Sande

Sand, beach and surfing.. At Hvide Sande Camping you are close to everything.

Only 1 km south of Hvide Sande harbour is a cosy family camping site. Hvide Sande Camping  has good sanitary conditions with bath room, nursing room and a toilet for disabled persons. Furthermore, you find a laundry, kitchen and sitting room. Most of the site’s 16 cabins are situated on a dune with a wonderful view of the Ringkøbing fjord.
The cabins are for 4, 5 or 6 persons. In front of the camping site is a bouncing cushion, 2 playgrounds and a street basket field. The grocery store at the site has all you need for camping-housekeeping.


Karen Brandsvej 70

6960 Hvide Sande



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