Par med barnevogn ved legepladsen i Munke Mose

Munkemose Park

Foto: Johan Joensen
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Munke Mose

5000 Odense C


In 1881 the Municipality of Odense bought the grounds around the Munke Mølle (Monks Mill) Factory to prevent it from being built on.

This was a low-lying marsh and meadow area, which was used for grazing and mowing. The area was often flooded by the river in the winter and was used for skating. 

In 1912 Chr. Daehnefeldt, a merchant, offered to pay two-thirds of the costs towards turning the area into a park and contacted the gardener Edv. Glaesel and requested that he drew up some plans for it’s development. 

Today Munkemose is mainly used for informal outdoor activities, although it is the venue for such traditional celebrations as the 1. May Workers Day and “Last day of school”.

It also has a very popular playground with large versions of birds, fish, water lilies, rushes and butterflies to play with.


Munke Mose

5000 Odense C


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