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Struer Museum (B&O Museum)

Struer Museum

To learn and experience the history of Struer city, The Struer Museum is the best place to go.
Cause it is not just the museum building that is beautifully designed, but the exhibitions Struer Museum has to offer includes:  

Bang & Olufsen - experience the adventure of radio- and television, that put Struer on the map of the world.

The city and the Limfiord  - see the development from fishing town to market town.

Junction - find out why Struer was called the town of uniforms.

The writer in Struer - experience the home of Olga and Johannes Buchholtz.

The Limfiord on canvas - enjoy the landscape from the western part of the Limfiord.

Besides having exciting exhibitions to show, Struer museum offers its guest the chance to play, discover and learn  about the wonderful world of sound in an more interactive fashion, which makes Struer museum a good choice to visit for the whole family.



For contact, opening hours or more information about Struer Museum: Struer Museum

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