Trail of Ancient Times - Bovbjerg Klint and Lighthouse

Bovbjerg Klint by the North Sea is the only place in Denmark, you can see a cross section of ice age layers from the last two ice ages. During the ice age, the ice has pressed the layers into the cliff so that they stand in many places at an angle. The main stay line does not stop at Bovbjerg Klint, but continues out into the North Sea.

If you stand by Bovbjerg Lighthouse and look out over the North Sea, you have turned your eyes towards Jyske Rev. Here the seabed is different and uneven. This is because the area is a flooded ice age landscape with, among other things, moraine slopes and meltwater plains.

Before the area was conquered by the sea, it was a unique pantry for the Stone Age population. Many remains have been found from this period on the seabed.

Bovbjerg Lighthouse was built in 1877. At that time, 251 meters from the lighthouse was at the edge of the hill, today there are about 130 meters. It testifies to the ocean's profound impact on the coast.

At Bovbjerg Lighthouse you can get a good cup of coffee with delicious pastries, enjoy the beautiful and harsh nature at the west coast, and get you an exciting tale from one of the lighthouse's many committed volunteers. You can explore the exhibitions in the Old Lighthouse House, enjoy the view from the lighthouse and get a history of coastal protection, coastal dynamics, church location, Iron Coast and the rescue service and much more.

In the Lighthouse shop you can buy handicrafts, jewelery and local food such as meat from Sheep to the Edge, Klosterhedens Vildt, Vesterhavsoks and cheese from Thise Dairy as well as the lighthouse's own jams.

If you want to see more about the dangerous journeys on the North Sea, visit Strandingsmuseum St. Georg in Thorsminde.