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Venø Seafood

Venø Seafood delivers fresh and delicious oysters to the Danish people, directly from the local fishermen and directly from the water. Besides this, Venø Seafood also offers guided tours.

Venø Seafood

Behind Venø Seafood is Kristian Borbjerggaard who is a local Venø-boy and 3rd generation of a fisherman family. Kristian doesn't understand why we import oysters from, for instance, France when the best oysters can be found right here, in the Limfjord. Therefore, Venø Seafood's mission is to open people’s eyes, by securing fresh and delicious oysters directly from the local fishermen and directly from the water.

The production

From the beach you can see huge installations that take fresh Limfjord water into the facilities on land.  

100 meters from the beach there is a huge water basin, where Venø Seafood breeds oysters, plaices, turbots, etc. In another production facility, which was built in 2020, they breed larva, and they clean and pack oysters, lobsters, and heart clams.

The oysters are picked in the western part of the Limfjord (Nissum Bredning and Lemvig area).

In the oyster season you can see the boat arriving at Venø Harbour with the Pacific Oysters and the area's famous Limfjord's Oysters. 

Guided tours

Venø Seafood offers guided tours for both smaller and larger groups. The tour must be booked in advance.


For more information visit Venø Seafood's website.

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