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Aalestrup Sports center and open-air swimming pool

Enjoy the summer at the outdoor swimming pool in Aalestrup, consisting of 3 pools and with a cafeteria, lifeguard, and sun loungers.

Aalestrup Sports Center has 2 halls, 7 football fields, a hostel, a cafeteria, and an outdoor swimming pool. At the outdoor pool, chairs, tables, and umbrellas are set up, providing ample opportunity to relax and enjoy the sun before or after taking a dip.

The cafeteria is open during the outdoor pool's opening hours, offering snacks and hot meals.

It is possible to hold events/rent the area outside of opening hours. Please contact us for more information.



The outdoor pool consists of 3 pools: a 25-meter pool, a practice pool, and a diving pool, all with water heated to 27 degrees Celsius.

  • The 25-meter pool has a depth ranging from 1.30 meters to 1.80 meters.
  • The practice pool is 12.5 meters long and has a depth ranging from 0.80 meters to 1.0 meters.
  • The diving pool is 4 meters deep and has a 1-meter diving board and a 3-meter diving board.

A lifeguard is present during public opening hours.

Starting from Saturday, June 1, the outdoor pool will be open again.


Outdoor Pool Opening Hours

Monday - Friday: 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Saturday - Sunday: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM



It is possible to purchase single tickets, 10-trip tickets, and season tickets.

Children under 14 years: 25 DKK

Adults: 35 DKK

10-trip tickets:

  • Children: 200 DKK
  • Adults: 300 DKK

Season tickets:

  • Children: 375 DKK
  • Adults: 475 DKK
  • Family: 900 DKK

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