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Agger Tange (headland) in Thy National Park

Agger Tange is a narrow headland, or spit of land.

Agger Tange is a narrow headland, or spit of land, with a large colony of black headed gulls, arctic terns, and smaller colonies of common gulls. 

Crowds of coots together with mutes, whoopers, and Bewick's swans rest here. A rich variety of ducks such as mallard, teal, and widgeon can also be observed here, together with pochard and goldeneye, especially in the autumm. The waders are also represented with golden plover, lapwing, oyster, catcher, dunlin, curlew, and common snipe.

When sailing on the ferry between Agger and Thyborøn, you often have the possibility to observe common seals.

In Nationalpark Thys information house Svaneholmhus you can see an exhibition about animal and plant life at Agger Tange.

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