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The Airplane Grill / Flyvergrillen

At the end of Amager Landevej, right up to the fence leading to the runways is Flyvergrillen (The Airplane Grill). A historic gathering place for aviation enthusiasts and a favourite destination for many families over the years.

It started as a simple idea in 1972 when Carsten and Inger Lis Pedersen were looking at airplanes near Copenhagen Airport. The idea became a reality, and what began as an ice cream shop has since become a popular grill bar - right there at the end of the airport's runways. 

Even though it's now run by others, Flyvergrillen still serves you classic fast food with a view. There’s always room for the undying love for airplanes, and children can keep a close eye on them from the lookout point on the playground.  

When the sun is out, you can enjoy the food and the view from the terrace in front of Flyvergrillen.

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