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Angling in St. Vejleå

Fishing is allowed from Ishøj Strandvej to Havnelagunen.
Day cards at 50 DKK
For persons under 18 the cards are free.

Regulations governing fishing in St.Vejleå:


- Fishing prohibited from sunset to sunrise during the period 15 September to 30 April

- Only fishing with a rod and only with a hook on the line

- Wade fishing is not allowed

To protect the perch population in St.Vejleå, introduced a full-year "protected" by the perch. Therefore, all perch released throughout the year.
Pets fishing for perch, but all fish must be handled as gently as possible and as quickly as possible to the sea.

There are compulsory discarding of all species caught in St.Vejleå. So it is not allowed to bring home fish caught in St.Vejleå.

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