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Annual Copenhagen Film Festival

Annual Copenhagen Film Festival 7th edition features 27 independent films that span 6 different themes touching upon gender identity, ethics, and everyday stories.

ACFF is an annual film festival hosted in order to promote and highlight filmmakers and individuals that have contributed to the global effort of making the world a more entertaining and competitive environment for filmmaking.

For the 7th time the film festival will take place at the popular Husets Biograf. For the first time will ACFF take place over three days with the aim of showcasing even more filmmakers from around the world. This year's festival received 2900 submissions from around 360 countries worldwide. 

As a result, this year the festival will present 27 independent short films spanning 6 different themes touching on gender identity, ethics and everyday stories. The programme is separated into 2 screening slots per day. Putting humans in the epicentre, each screening slot explores different and new aspects of human dilemmas, gender and sex issues and personal relationships through stories we can all identify with.

All films are in English or with English subtitles.

The Annual Copenhagen Film Festival is organised by HFP, a pioneer organisation that runs Film Festivals and other events showcasing and championing ideas of diversity. HFP runs 25 film festivals worldwide, spread across 13 different countries. 

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