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The armory from World War II in Rydhave Skov

The cave in Rydhave Skov was dug in 1944 by a local group of resistance fighters from Struer, Vinderup and the surrounding area.

The resistance movement needed a good place to store the weapons and equipment that the English had begun to fly to Denmark and drop down at selected places.

The armory was used as a storage depot. Here the material was repackaged and sent on by train or car to the resistance movement elsewhere in the country.

The cave was approx. 3 x 7 meters. The ceiling was covered with tree trunks and roofing felt covered with earth and trees. At the bottom there were boards. The cave was lit with car batteries up car bulbs. 10 drops with weapons and explosives were repackaged and sent on from here.

After being unused for many years, the armery was re-established and reopened in 1987 by Jens Toldstrup, head of all dumping in Jutland.

In 2008, a memorial stone was erected at the armery at the instigation of the Toldstrup Group from Skive for the resistance and for the Rydhave Group.

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