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The healthy and delicious plant-based, vegan café Beyla has reopened in new hip surroundings in The Carlsberg City District.

Want to eat your guilty pleasures but with a clear conscience? Then head to Beyla, located in the modernised Carlsberg Byen! With a focus on sustainability and ecology, Beyla is a vegan and gluten-free place that offers delicious food in a relaxing environment. It's good quality and locally sourced ingredients, where the mushrooms may well come from the owner's own small farm in Nørrebro.

Whether you're looking for brunch, lunch or dinner, Beyla has it all. Even if you don't have a vegan diet, you can eat here without any problems: you'll forget that you're only eating meat-free items. For example, you can easily get a tasty burger that fulfils all your needs. You can also just come for coffee and cake - and you can even take your food home as take-away.

Beyla was started by two Australians and they keep the Australian 'straight forward yet laid back vibe' in the hip and cool café. They offer an alternative for people who want worry-free food on the go. The owners behind Beyla also run Restaurant Ark and Bistro Lupa, which has opened in the old Beylas locations in respectively Nørrebro and Østerbro.

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