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Bike Station in Herrested Måre

Bike Station located next to the church in Herrested Måre.

If your bicycle tire run out of air or if you are unfortunate to puncture the bicycle tire far from the nearest bicycle mechanic, you can use the bike stations free of charge. The bike stations contain tools for basic repairs and most has a grip for hanging the bicycle. The bike station is a mini repair station where you e.g. can change the hose, pump the tire, adjust and tighten the bike and find tools for other small repairs, so you can continue your bike ride in the Funen countryside.

The bike station contains the following tools:

  • 1 screwdriver, philips notch
  • 1 screwdriver, flat notch
  • 1 multi-screwdriver, torx notches (9, 10, 15, 20, 25, 27, 30, 40)
  • 1 medium adjustable wrench
  • 1 flat spanner (8, 10 mm)
  • 1 flat spanner (13, 15 mm)
  • 1 hex key set (2 – 8 mm)
  • 1 tire iron, 3 pcs.
  • 1 hand-operated bicycle pump with pump head for all common valve types (up to 10 bar)

Close to the bike station in Herrested Måre there are tables/benches where you can take a break. There is also access to a toilet and water.

If you need a proper bike mechanic or bike shop, there are the following options in Nyborg:

  • Fri Bike Shop, Vestergade 37, 5800 Nyborg
  • Nyborg Cykler, Adelgade 8, 5800 Nyborg

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