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The Black Clover Path (33,8 km)

The Black Clover Path takes you around the scenic landscape in and around Nyborg, which offers coastline, villages and beautiful scenery. The route is ideal for a bike ride or a long walk.

Experience all that Nyborg has to offer on the Black Clover Path

The Black Clover Path starts at the harbour in Nyborg, and you make your way through the scenic landscape on the southern side of Nyborg Fjord with Dyrehave Mill in the former royal deer park (Dyrehaven) and Holckenhavn Castle. You then head along Holckenfjord, before taking a detour to an old fertility spring, St. Mads source, and on past Denmark’s third largest village church, Vindinge Kirke.

Funen’s best beaches

West of Nyborg, you come to the open fields of the Juelsberg Estate. The Battle of Nyborg, one of the most important battles in Danish history, took place right here in 1659. Once past the battlefield in the north, the path heads back out to the coast. The route follows the stunning coastline through Strandhøj Park and Teglværkskoven woods. Along the entire coast, you’ll find some of Funen’s best beaches, where you can enjoy a refreshing dip with a view of the Great Belt Bridge. Fyns Badestand by the Great Belt Bridge is Funen’s widest beach. Further ahead, you get to experience the Great Belt Bridge right up close, as the path runs under the bridge at the point where it joins the island. There is a viewing platform here where you can stand directly under the Great Belt Bridge.

The Knudshoved peninsula

On the Knudshoved peninsula and at Slipshavn, which is Nyborg’s original medieval harbour, you head through a nature conservation area offering diverse flora and fauna as well as many rare flowers. You have the opportunity to take a short walk around the Knudshoved peninsula, where you will find a bird sanctuary, lighthouse and a beautiful view of the Great Belt. The path now heads back towards the town, where it joins the Blue Clover Path as it runs past Nyborg’s industrial harbour. Before coming to the end, you’ll pass Nyborg Distillery in the old railway sheds. 

Practical information

  • The four Clover paths start at Vesterhavn 3a, 5800 Nyborg and are signposted clockwise.
  • There is a public toilet and free, unlimited parking at the harbour.
  • You will find QR codes along the route. Scan them to read more about the many exciting experiences on your walk or bike ride.
  • The Black Clover Path is one of four Clover paths in Nyborg. If you’d like to see the other three – green, blue and red route – you can do so here.
  • If you prefer physical maps, they can be downloaded here on the website, ordered by post, picked up from VisitNyborg or found at the starting point.

NB: The stretch along the coast takes you through woodland and along the beach. It may be necessary to pull your bicycle in some places. Alternatively, you can cycle on the road through Teglværkskoven wood after Strandhøj Park.

The Clover paths in Nyborg

We look forward to showing you exciting and unusual experiences in Nyborg involving both culture and nature. The Clover paths range from roughly 2.7 km long to just over 33 km. Several of the routes can also be combined to make them longer or shorter to suit your needs. See all the routes here.

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