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Blære Church

In the heart of Blære, 7 kilometers north of Aars, you'll find Blære Church. Here, you can experience a classic village church, nestled in the beautiful natural surroundings of West Himmerland.

If you are wondering about the peculiar roof of the belfry, it?s due to storm damage in 1889. The altarpiece is a beautiful picture of the Crucifixion made by Joakim Skovgaard in 1929. If you want to see more pictures made by this famous artist, we suggest a visit to all his frescoes in the cathedral of Viborg. Two interesting tombstones from medieval times are built into belfry. One of them has a cross; the other one has the figures of a man, a pair of tongs and a cross. General opening hours: Daily Monday-Friday. During the summer open on Saturdays too.

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