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Borgergade 2

From a strip bar to an exclusive game cafe, cocktail bar, and pub - Borgergade 2 is something entirely unique! A truly cozy gathering point right in the heart of Aalborg center, where you can chill with a Nintendo game or hang out in the beautiful bar.

Borgergade 2 focuses on community and coziness as an alternative to the wild nightlife of Jomfru Ane Gade. In the premises that used to belong to Maxim, you can now come in and have a cold beer or cocktail while listening to music from newer Danish artists.

Entertainment options are not lacking at Borgergade 2, where you can play classic board games like Klodsmajor, Bezzerwizzer, or Trivial Pursuit. Additionally, you can play console games in the form of various games for Playstation 1 or Nintendo 64. Finally, you can play table football, darts, and table tennis. Table football is especially important at Borgergade 2, where table football tournaments are held every other Thursday in collaboration with Aalborg Table Football Association.

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