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Brandbjerg Manor

Visit the beautiful white elegant Manor, which is located in a beautiful area surrounded by forest and valley, park, and lake.

Brandbjerg Manor is located a few kilometers north of Jelling, surrounded by forest, park, lake, and moat. Characteristic of Brandbjerg's overall appearance is the white simplicity and elegance.


Brandbjerg was originally a manor house whose history can be traced back to the late 16th century.

The current main building was erected in 1799. In 1950, the old manor buildings were turned into a folk high school, where the young craftsmen of the region could learn to run their own craft business. Later, Brandbjerg became an ordinary folk high school, and in the 1970s, the large modernist school wing with classrooms and rooms was added to the whole ensemble of older buildings. In the 1980s, the school's sports hall was built, and finally, a new music house was inaugurated in 1996.

Brandbjerg Højskole is probably one of the few folk high schools that can boast its own ghost. The gray lady, who is said to appear at midnight under the full moon, is a beautiful young squire's daughter who lived at Brandbjerg Manor during the Swedish wars in the 17th century. She fell in love with a Swedish soldier and decided to flee from her strict father. But the soldier never showed up as agreed. Back at the manor, her father forced the young girl to confess, and he killed her.


Brandbjerg means steep mountain, and the folk high school is indeed located 130 meters above sea level - on the edge of steep, forested slopes. The school owns about 100 hectares of land, mostly covered by forest and meadow. Brandbjerg Sønderskov is largely natural forest. The forest is designated as untouched forest. The Grejsdal Trail from Vejle to Jelling runs just below Brandbjerg Højskole.

On a daily basis, the manor can only be seen from the outside, but Brandbjerg Højskole regularly holds events where there is public access. Read more about the folk high school via this link: Brandbjerg Højskole| English

Walking routes nearby

There are several paths in Brandbjerg Sønderskov. It is a network of paths around Brandbjerg Sønderskov. There is access to the forest from, among others, Brandbjerg Højskole. Large parts of the forest have been untouched since 1997. It is therefore no longer allowed to cut or plant trees.

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