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Brønderslev Indoor Swimming Pool & Wellness

Welcome to the city's swimming pool and wellness

Brønderslev Swimming Hall is a user- and handicap-friendly swimming hall with facilities for the whole family.

Brønderslev Swimming Hall offers a 50 m pool with 7 lanes for competitive and daily use, with a swimming area. The water is 27 degrees and here you can jump from a 1 and 3 m springboard or try the climbing wall that hangs over the water.

Time for wellness

In addition to the large pool, there are many other experiences in the swimming pool. You can find a hot water pool where the temperature is 34 degrees - you can use it for relaxation, pain relief and well-being.

Enjoy a trip to the hot tub, where the hot tub bubbles can loosen up the back muscles.

Sit in the steam bath, which is good for both your body and soul. The steam bath can loosen muscles, relieve asthma symptoms and provide pain relief for muscles and joints.

In the infrared sauna, the temperature is around 50-60 degrees, and the infrared rays will penetrate the skin and heat the body from within, providing pain relief, increased energy levels, relaxation, metabolism and blood circulation. Pure well-being!

The most popular wellness experience in Brønderslev Swimming Hall is the famous SaunaGus, which takes place in the outdoor sauna cabin: A large wooden cabin with room for 25 seated people. Here, trained “gus masters” makes it an experience with scents, aromatic oils and high temperatures.

In addition, the swimming pool offers exercise facilities in "Svederen" (The Sweat) and fine changing and bathing facilities.

The swimming pool is open every day.

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