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Café Dybvig

Visit Fejø's cozy harbor café with a view of Lolland and Askø on the horizon

Enjoy your food and drink at a really cozy café - right in the middle of Dybvig Harbour.

Here you can sit and enjoy the view of the yachts in the harbor and the Småland waters - it doesn't get more peaceful than that.

The food is made with love and good drinks are served, including several local products as well as a wide range of organic products. A must is the famous large Dybvig Beef Burger with local meat, and a dish with ravioli from the local pasta maker.

There is freshly ground French press coffee, loose-leaf tea and the good Hansen's Ice Cream. Choose from a wide selection of local drinks, such as must, cider, soft drinks, wine, and Krenkerup Beer.

Everything can be enjoyed inside the café, out on the veranda or taken home as take-away.

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