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The Church Route 20,7 km

Føns - Båring

The route from Føns to Båring runs northwards from Føns Vig through the small towns of Nørre Aaby and Båring. This route is ideal for people who enjoy history and beautiful scenery. Not far from Føns, you will come across the 113 ha large lake at Føns Vang, which was dammed as early as 1790. The dam was built to make it easier to cross the inlet. The area became a thriving trading centre with a steam mill and a 260 m long jetty, which could accommodate large ships, and where products such as roof tiles and grain from Føns and the surrounding areas were shipped out. Today, the area is home to breeding and migrating birds, including the black-headed gull and the Eurasian widgeon. With a bit of luck, you may also spot the white-tailed eagle in the area, as it breeds nearby.

In Nørre Aaby you can visit Nørre Aaby Church with its unique forest cemetery, which is said to be one of the most beautiful cemeteries in Denmark. The town also has a railway station and provides opportunities for shopping. In Indslev, you can do a tour of Indslev Brewery, Denmark’s first wheat-based beer brewery. The history of the brewery goes as far back as 1897.

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  1. Føns Church
  2. Balslev Church
  3. Mindesten for præsteslægten Balslev
  4. Ejby og Kingstrup Moor
  5. Vestermoseskoven at Ejby, doggy forest
  6. Nørre Aaby Church
  7. Tusindårslegepladsen
  8. Indslev Church
  9. Indslev Brewery
  10. Asperup Church


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