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The Coastal Path Snaptun - Juelsminde

Prepare for a beautiful and varied hiking route between the two atmospheric seaports Snaptun and Juelsminde – just off the coast. You will pass through deep forests, wide sandy beaches, idyllic villages and beautiful manor parks, before reaching the lovely Juelsminde.

One of the Denmark’s most varied hiking routes

The trail between Snaptun and Juelsminde is a beautiful hike of 22 kilometres. It offers typical beautiful Danish landscape. See the beautiful mansions, walk between the breathtaking yellow rape fields and climb the hilly forest paths. The route also passes through plenty of wide sandy beaches.

We recommend you take the tour in one go, if the weather and the shape is for it, but you can also easily divide it into stages. There are, for example, good parking facilities at the Nature Center Tønballe, Pøt Strandby, As Vig, Birkholm, Palsgaard and Bugten. Information boards are set up along the track. At the trail's start in both Juelsminde and Snaptun, you can find the folder over the coastal path Snaptun-Juelsminde.


Highlights of the hike


1: The little ferry port Snaptun

This small ferry port and marina exudes maritime atmosphere. At the harbour there are eateries and good opportunity to enjoy an ice cream in the sun. From the harbour there are many daily ferry departures to the islands of Hjarnø and Endelave. There is a bus stop at the harbour and a large parking lot. The trail starts at the southern end of the harbour.


2: The redoubts at Horsens Fjord

To protect the city of Horsens from invading Swedish troops, redoubts have several times been established in Horsens Fjord. Around Snaptun you can see ”Little Battery” and ” Big Battery”. On the tour, you pass "the Swedish redoubt" in Tønballe Forest, where two cannons stand on a hilltop.


3: Jensgaard Manor

South of Tønballe Forest you come to the mansion Jensgaard in pleasant rural surroundings. The great big mansion has a history dating back to around 1300, where it was called Inæs and allegedly belonged to Øm Monastery.


4: As Vig

After going through the holiday home village Pøt Strandby and Sønderby Forest, you come to As Vig. The great cove is a popular holiday area due to the beautiful sandy beach. The whole tour through As Vig you walk on the beach. Along the way you will see the whitewashed As Church, beautifully situated on a hill near the water.

NB: in the southernmost part of As Vig, it can be difficult to follow the beach at high tide.


5: The mounds of Palsgaard 

When you turn from As Vig Beach and into the country, you will encounter mounds of the predecessor of the current Palsgaard Castle. The mounds are located in an artificial lake and consist of two banks. Remains of the old Palsgaard are dated to 1275-1300.


6: Palsgaard Castle Park

After the walk on a beautiful old mansion avenue, you come to Palsgaard Castle Park. The route goes just past the castle with the beautiful park and the well maintained old buildings, but we recommend a little detour with a walk through the picturesque park.

On the trail around the park you pass the majestic main building that looks out over the bay at the city Juelsminde.

The park offers sculptures, beautiful herbaceous perennials, mighty rhododendrons and a variety of rare tree species.


7: Sandbjerg Vig

Passing hrough forest you come south of Palsgaard to the bay Sandbjerg Vig, which also has a beautiful sandy beach. The first stretch along the coast, you walk on an elevated grass path and the last kilometres towards Juelsminde, you walk on the beach. Near Juelsminde there is a campsite and ice-cream kiosk. All the way you have a nice view towards the city and the harbour.


8: Juelsminde

The last part of the tour, you walk along the beautiful houses by the sea. The path ends at the harbour.

Juelsminde is today known as a coastal and holiday town with a buzzing life on the harbour and on the Great Beach, which attracts many tourists every summer. Enjoy the atmosphere, order a delicious fish dish or eat an ice-cream in the sun. There are several opportunities to enjoy life a little extra in Juelsminde.

From Juelsminde there are busses to Horsens and Vejle and there is free parking throughout the city.


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