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The Copenhagen Lakes

The minute the sun comes out, the vast area around the lakes fills up with strolling couples, panting joggers, brunch devotees, kids feeding the ducks, and best friends sipping thermos coffee while taking in the best views of the city.

Copenhagen Inner Lakes, better known as the Lakes or "Søerne", is a centrally located lake area in Copenhagen. It consists of three lakes: Sankt Jørgens Sø, Peblinge Sø and Sortedams Sø.

The path system along the lakes is heavily used by pedestrians and runners, and today, they serve as recreational areas for Copenhageners. A walk around all the lakes stretches over 6.35 kilometres. Sankt Jørgens Sø is the deepest, with sloping sides, while the other two lakes have vertical granite edges and are approximately 2.5 metres deep. Two small islands - Fiskeøen and Fugleøen - have been built in Sortedams Sø and serve as breeding grounds for birds.

In winter, if the ice is thick enough, you can walk on it, and in summer, you can rent a boat bike and take a tour. Whatever the season, Copenhageners and visitors flock to the lakes to walk, run, date, and more. Along the lakes, you'll also find a myriad of different cafés and restaurants, so you can quench your hunger and thirst along the way - or take it to go!

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