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Copenhagen Luggage Service

To Airport: We will deliver to our storage in the airport, where you can pick up when you are ready to check-in

To cruise ship: We will check-in your baggage all the way to your cabin at the ship

To hotel: We will deliver your baggage to the hotel reception

We offer to transfer your luggage to & from Copenhagen Airport to your hotel, cruise ship or your accommodation at private address.


From cruise ship: We simply pick up your baggage from the port terminal before 9 am

From hotel: We pick up your baggage from the hotel reception before 12.00am

From Private address (AirBnB): We will meet with you between 7-11 am  


Price per normal size bag EUR 12,95 /minimum 3 bags per service

We transfer also bikes, surf boards, golfbags and other oddsize items. (+EUR 5 per item)

We are located in terminal 3, CPH airport.

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