Get your saltwater injection in a spa sailing around Copenhagen’s harbour

With CopenHot, you’ll get a spa experience that I bet you’ve never tried before. Cruise the Copenhagen canals in a spa boat or chill out in a fire heated barrel spa at the harbour. 

When you’ve soaked in the water for long enough, there’s a nice, warm sauna waiting for you inside. Its panoramic glass wall gives you a great view of the harbour.

If you get too hot in the 40-degree warm water, take a step into the ice cold barrel shower to cool down. That’ll surely kick start your blood circulation too.

CopenHot is a place for everyone, whether its friends, family or coworkers that want a new experience with Nordic wellness in the center of Copenhagen. Even though CopenHot's tubs are right under the open sky, there's no need to worry about the weather. Every season has its own charm, and the heated water will make sure you're not cold, not even in the freezing winter months.

All you need to do is bring a towel and swimwear, and remember to shower before you arrive.