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Corsa Pizza Østerbro

Corsa Pizza in Østerbro makes delicious Neapolitan-style sourdough pizzas. The concept is simple but great. Crispy-thin authentic quality pizza made with love and organic ingredients.

Corsa Pizza has three pizzerias in Copenhagen and opened the first one in 2019 on Islands Brygge. Since then, two further restaurants in Østerbro and Nordhavn have opened.

The popularity of Corsa is well-deserved as their Neapolitan pizzas really are terrific. With a sourdough base and toppings consisting of high-quality organic ingredients, the pizzas are baked at 500 degrees for only 70 seconds. A pizza at Corsa sets you back 95-145 DKK and if you are thirsty or in the mood for a dessert, Corsa Østerbro offers a fine selection of natural wines and a delicious homemade tiramisu.  

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