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Culture in the centre

In the middle of Tranebjerg sits a beautiful building from 1900 with an equally beautiful name; the Anton Rosen House. It houses the island’s Tourist Information office, a wedding ceremony venue for civil weddings, meeting facilities and high-ceilinged, stately rooms for exhibitions. Here guests can find information about Samsø, they can pick up brochures and maps, buy everything from books and posters to water bottles and in addition, experience changing exhibitions in the building.


Art and culture are prioritised on Samsø
The house was originally built as a technical school and the architect behind it, Anton Rosen, was inspired by the Art Nouveau style. He did not hold back with decoration and detail pertaining to the style. Helle Griebel Anesen is head of department for Children, Youth and Culture in Samsø Municipality and she is proud of the unique opportunities the house offers.

“The house is something special,” says Helle. “With its distinctive aesthetics, communication facilities and location, the Anton Rosen House is an obvious exhibition space and a living testimony that culture and art are prioritised and play a major role on Samsø. Everyone can apply to exhibit in the Anton Rosen House and in the Culture Department we are especially proud that we, as a municipal administration, can offer exhibition facilities to the island’s citizens and other interested parties.”

Helle is excited to be able to combine the Tourist Information office with an equally important sector on the island: namely culture. “In my experience, there is strong synergy in housing VisitSamsø and the exhibition rooms under one roof – and at the same time it is possible to start one’s visit on Samsø with an experience.”


Catering for all tastes
The Cultural Steering Group decides which exhibitions are to be displayed in the Anton Rosen House. There is a great receptiveness to unconventional  use of the premises. In addition to art exhibitions, events and exhibitions of a linguistic, anthropological, literary and musical nature are presented. “We get cultural-historical and artistic applications and again this year there’s something for everyone,” promises Helle, who herself takes in each exhibition. “The exhibitors’ energy, enthusiasm and commitment always make a big impression on me. All exhibitions have their own distinctive character but common to them all is the enthusiasm and zeal underpinning them”.


Art and culture are character building
Ulla Enevoldsen, who lives in Sildeballe, is both an artist herself and the chairwoman of the Cultural Steering Group. “As an artist, I am madly enthusiastic about the fantastically beautiful rooms in the Anton Rosen House. It is a beautiful building to be invited into. I think it is exciting to work with exhibitions in the house, as one must consider the colours, the window sections and the high ceilings when preparing the exhibition”.

According to Ulla, most exhibitors succeed in using the rooms to their best advantage. Ulla especially remembers an exhibition where the island’s schools presented works by the pupils: “It was a truly wonderful exhibition and it injected life into the house. The pupils brought their parents to the opening of the exhibition and the whole house was teeming with children preoccupied with art. I think we need to focus more on involving children in cultural and artistic activities in everyday life. Art must be part of their imaginary world, and it is an important part of children’s development.”

As chairwoman of the Cultural Steering Group, Ulla has many visions for working with exhibitions in the Anton Rosen House. “In the steering group we have to think out of the box and challenge our own assumptions about art and culture when we plan a year’s exhibitions.” However, Ulla agrees with the Department Head that incoming applications must be assessed on the basis of originality, aesthetic and quality as well as the affiliation with Samsø – and she is, not least, delighted that there are many exciting exhibitions in the making in the Anton Rosen House.


  • Exhibitions are presented in the Anton Rosen House almost all year round and you are welcome during VisitSamsø’s opening hours. Admission is free.
  • The Cultural Steering Group strives to have six to eight exhibitions planned a year in advance.
  • If you have questions regarding exhibitions in the Anton Rosen House, please contact the cultural administration on +45 2520 8815.
  • The exhibition calendar features on VisitSamsø’s website.

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