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Danhostel Skagen

Danhostel Skagen – Beaches and Holiday With a Cultural Touch at the Top of Denmark.

Surrounded by white sand beaches, nature reserves and a unique light, Danhostel Skagen located in the northernmost part of Denmark was built in 1994, and is close to the city centre.  The hostel is open from March to December with rooms for individuals, couples, families and groups. There is a playground, a TV room, and a traditional Danish breakfast buffet served every morning.

Skagen is renowned for its beautiful scenic surroundings and Golden Age Art.  During the summer, there is a fantastic holiday atmosphere and lots of activities for both young and old. All year round, the city is a wonderland for the culturally interested, and the artwork and lives of famous Skagen artists can be experienced at the Michael and Anna Ancher's House and the famous Skagen Museum.

Visit Råbjerg Mile, the largest migratory dune, and Grenen where you can stand with one foot in the Kattegat and the other in the Skagerrak seas.

Enjoy the beaches, and holiday with a cultural touch at Danhostel Skagen.

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