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DCU Camping Viborg Sø

DCU Camping Viborg Sø (Lake) is a cozy campsite close to the Viborg lakes and the city center. Here, you have both the opportunity to experience the beautiful nature and the buzzing city life.

Stay by the lake and within walking distance of Viborg

Located by Lake Sønder Sø, with Viborg city center on the opposite side, the campsite is like a little oasis amidst all the greenery. Follow the path along the lake into the city center, where you'll find plenty of good restaurants and shopping opportunities, or you can experience the magnificent cathedral. If you're interested in gardens, you can visit the Forest Botanical Garden and the Nordic Park, which are right next to the campsite.

Fun activities for the children

The campsite has very well-maintained facilities. Children can satisfy their desire to play on the nice playground with two trampolines. There's also mini golf, a campfire area, beach volleyball, a moon car track, and a nice bathing jetty in the lake. Plenty of activities for both adults and children, such as communal dining, fitness bingo, candlestick making, cake races, and pancake baking.

Great experiences nearby

The impressive limestone mine, Mønsted Limestone Mines, is only 15 minutes away. If you go the other way, you'll find the World Map at Klejtrup, where both children and adults can go around the world in no time.

Go on an excursion

A bit further away but still within an hour's drive, you'll find Himmelbjerget near Silkeborg. There are also good swimming opportunities and a charming town. To the north, there's Limfjorden with lovely walks along the water and a possible trip to the island of Fur. Randers Rainforest is also nearby.

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