Den Gamle Kro

Den Gamle Kro Hornslet

Foto: Thomas Kristensen
Den Gamle Kro Hornslet is located in the middle of Hornslet city, close to the church and in a beautiful nature are close to forest and beach. Dem Gamle Kro is both restaurant, café, parties and overnight stays. 

Rosenholmvej 3

8543 Hornslet


Telefono:+45 86 99 40 07

Old traditions

Experience the old traditions of Danish inns and offer good food for everyday dining and festive occasions in delightful surroundings.

Extend your visit at Den Gamle Kro with an overnight stay in one of the inn’s 19 comfortable rooms. All of the rooms are in fine condition and outfitted with bath, toilet, free Internet and cable TV. And, when you wake up, our big morning buffet stands ready.

See more about the opportunities here.

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Rosenholmvej 3

8543 Hornslet

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