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Rosenholm Slot

In April 1559, Jørgen Rosenkrantz acquired the farm Holm outside Hornslet from the King. In the following years, he built a castle on that spot and named it Rosenholm after his family.

The family Rosenkrantz has owned the castle ever since, and today Rosenholm is the Danish house which has been in the possession of the same family for the longest time. During the period 1740-45, the castle was rebuilt and the large park covering approx. 5 hectares were laid out complete with lime tree avenues and bowers and beech hedges.

The castle

The rose garden surrounding the fountain is an enchanting place.  The castle is fully furnished with hundreds of items of furniture, paintings, and tapestries, which provide the visitor with a fascinating view of a noble family’s life through centuries.
Today Rosenholm Castle unites past and present culture as the organiser of exciting tours, conferences, company parties, weddings, etc. The castle is one of the biggest and most beautiful Danish manors from the Renaissance.

For the youngest

As another initiative, Rosenholm Slot has dived into the history of the lives of children in the castle. By the old stable, children can throughout the summer play with stilts, hopscotch, skipping rope and more - just like they did in the good old days. Ask your parents or grandparents how to jump in Paradise or trick them into playing tag or kick the can in the large park. Should the summer weather bring a small shower, you can also pull inside the stable.

The stable's ceiling houses a large collection of local history with both pictures and lots of materials. Take your grandparents for a walk in the attic and have them tell you what they can remember from their childhood and adolescence. It's nay be dry again when you're done.

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