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Elia is a big sculpture in Herning.
Cronhammars giant skulpture, ELIA is a mark of the new millenium. But the sculpturer is also a manifest of the willpower and the courage to go new ways, which has embossed Herning through decades. 

The sculpture is in a hemispherical shape with 60 meters in diameter; above which arises a spherical cap of 11m.
In each of the 4 corners of the world wide stair-cases of steal, which ends in four viewing platforms, which gives the view of the sculptures 30.000 cubic meters big resonant space, partly to the surounding landscape.

From the platform - 4 columns rise 30 meters over the ground. In the centre a fifth column is mounted - a gas-torch; that at random times sends a fire column with a height of 8,4m and a diameter of 1m.

Elia is furthermore konstruktet so that it is ready to receive thunder wedge and in its resonant bell gives a response back to domed.

Elia in Herning

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