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Estruplund Church

Estruplund Kirke was built around the 13th century. The church has a late Romanesque ship and choir with an apse. The Gothic porch originally had two storeys.

Estruplund Kirke is mostly known for its frescoes. The frescoes were painted around the year 1500, and according to an inscription on the triumphal wall they were improved in 1542.

For centuries, the paintings were whitewashed, which has also helped keep the paintings in such good conditions. The paintings were discovered in 1899, but they were yet again whitewashed, and it was only in connection with the restoration in 1953-55 that the paintings appeared again and this time they remained in sight.
The church has a total of six subjects with beautiful and vivid images from 1542.

The key can be borrowed from the sexton.

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