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Farm Camping Ny Vestermark

How about camping in a quiet place without any car noise or loud neighbors? Then Ny Vestermark is just the place to be.

With a view of the forest, grazing cattle, bird song in the distance and perhaps a kitten, then you can only relax. You can go for a walk on the farm, look at the farmer as he feeds the animals, taste the berries in the garden and enjoy all the different flowers in the large garden. In the evening you can light a fire and enjoy the last birdsong before the nightingale takes over and sings you to sleep.

Camp site for both motorhomes and caravans

Ny Vestermark offers several spots with great space for camping with both motorhomes and cars with caravans.

Water and disposal of waste is included in the price.

Power, bath and toilet facilities, discharge of wastewater and laundry are available at an extra charge.

Pets are allowed.

The campsite is situated centrally in regard to towns: From here, you have 5 km. to the village of Øster Brønderslev, where you will find a grocery store, and 10 km. to the city of Brønderslev, where you have plenty of shopping opportunities and restaurants.

The farm

Ny Vestermark is a small farm with bulls, a small herd of Herford and Simentaler. Plus 20-30 hens, 7-8 farm cats and two dogs. An old and a young German Shorthaired Pointer. The farm has approx. 45 ha of land, half of which is grass and forest, and the rest is grain / ensilage.

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