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Fishing prohibition at Tritons Stone reef

From 20 November 2018, fishing is prohibited at Tritons stone reef.

A line through positions (1 - 4), where the fishing within the area from the coast, by net, harpoon or from a boat is prohibited, bound the area.

1)54° 54.262'N - 009° 47.210'E    Coast
2)54° 54.215'N - 009° 47.151'EYellow spar buoy with cross topmark
3)54° 54.172'N - 009° 47.230'EYellow spar buoy with cross topmark
4)54° 54.236'N - 009° 47.311'ECoast

The prohibited area will be established by the DMA in accordance with consolidated act no. 72 of 17 January 2014 on safety at sea, section 6 (i). Contraventions of the prohibition are punishable in accordance with the same act, section 28 (iii).

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