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Flårup Old Smithy

Visit the cosy 200-year-old smithy in Flårup, which is both the village museum and serves as a community centre. Here you can see the large furnace, the blacksmiths' workbenches and the many different tools used in the forge. You can eat your packed lunch here or in the green area outside.

The small village community of Flårup near Holeby on Lolland shares the management of the smithy and the associated community centre.

The former smithy is now a small museum and looks much as it did when it was last used in 1983. The workshop still houses the original axe, bellows and crossbow, all of which are still well preserved.

The smithy is also the village meeting place and hosts several local activities throughout the year, such as the annual summer party and Shrovetide.

You can enjoy your food both inside and outside, as there is room for about 20 people at the smithy's tables and benches.

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