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The Forgotten Giants

Go hunting for the six wooden giants (© Thomas Dambo) lurking in the woods of Copenhagen’s suburbs.

Scattered around lush forests, meadows, and by calm waters in suburbia Copenhagen, you'll meet the tall, quirky-looking wooden sculptures which are pretty far from your typical tourist attraction.

The six municipalities of the greater Copenhagen region which are homes to the impressive art pieces are definitely off the beaten track. And that's exactly why artist, Thomas Dambo opted for these scenic settings locations for his sculptures built from recycled woods; to get locals out discovering and enjoying nature. You are of course invited to do the same.

Perfect for families who want to go beyond the usual touristy sights and attractions to enjoy nature, finding your way to the giants is a fun activity for older kids. Especially if you or your kids like that treasure hunt feel. 

A car is needed to get around, and you might want to consider combining your trip with a visit to Arken Museum of Modern Art which is close to the sculpture in coastal Ishøj.

Find the exact locations on the artist's website www.thomasdambo.com.

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