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Free summer activities on Endelave

On the island of Endelave you can participate for free in a series of eventsfor the island’s visitors and residents. The schedule of events is very versatile, but all events are designed to keep you physically active while also giving you a unique experience.

Welcome to an active island

The lovely holiday island of Endelave draws lots of tourists every summer. In order to ensure that there are lots of activities available during this period, the local sports association Endelave IF draws up a list of activities each year that can make inhabitants, guests and tourists get on their feet and get their heart rates up.

In the name of Active Island (Aktiv Ø) they offer great vacation weeks packed with fun, amazing and even peculiar activities. An example is hikes on the popular hiking route The Kanino.


Activities in the summer holiday

Active Island organizes activities during the holiday weeks that you are welcome to participate in. The activities include cross fit, yoga, football school, hikes, and sailing school. Furthermore, you can play golf at the world’s only (probably) 5-hole-golf course. The course can be found on the private lot of one of the island’s farmers. He also serves as the gatekeeper during high season.

The multitude of activities is good for the whole island in many ways. Concurrently, some of the local business owners organise their own exciting schedule of events and activities. There is something for everyone on Endelave, and if you want to stay for more than just one day, then there are several good accommodation and eatery options.


The Kanino and other hiking routes on Endelave

For decades, tourists have hiked thousands of steps on Endelave, and it was obvious to name the hiking route around the island after the many wild rabbits that live on the island (KANINO is a contraction of the Danish word for rabbit, kanin, and the legendary pilgrimage, the Camino). Three of Endelave’s best hiking routes are waymarked so that tourists can walk around without guides. The routes are 3-21 kilometres long. Active Island regularly organizes hikes on The Kanino.

On Endelave you can find both the “Mini-Kanino” of 12 kilometres (the green route), and the much longer route of 20 kilometres (the blue route) that take you all the way around the island. You walk along the coastline most of the way around the island. Here you can experience flat and shallow salt meadows, Øvre, which is comparable to Denmark’s northern tip, Grenen – and Klinten that resembles the archipelago of southern Funen.

During the hike, you have a great view of Jutland, Funen, Æbelø, Samsø, Tunø and even Zealand in the right weather conditions. 

In addition to the two long routes you can also try the red rabbit route of three kilometres. All routes start at the end of the harbour pier, a few hundred metres from the ferry landing. You can read more about The Kanino here or grab a pamphlet on the ferry.


What can I experience today?

Active Island primarily organizes events during the school summer holiday and the Danish autumn holiday (week 42). You can get an overview of future events on Endelave IF’s website (in Danish).


About Endelave

Lovely Endelave is worth a visit all year. Here they combine the truly unique and characteristic island atmosphere with beautiful nature. You can relax at the island’s eateries on foot, on two wheels, on four wheels, or on four legs.

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