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Galleri Børmose

Colorful paintings

Experience vibrant, colorful and beautiful paintings by Dorte Børmose at Gallery Børmose in the centre of Middelfart.

Dorte is often found in the gallery wearing her white paint-stained overalls - both old and new - from her ongoing projects.

Interior design and motives

From the second you enter Gallery Børmose the wide palette of colors explodes as an invitation to dive into a festive and nice exhibition of Dortes' work.

Her works are visionary and Dorte is very inspirered by strong colors and their interaction. Often the clown, with all its colors and silly attitude, is used in her motives. The goal is always to create happiness.

In contrast to the clown, the ballerina also appears in the paintings. She creates a perfect counterpart to the insecurity and anxiousness of the clown with her favor, boldness and flying speed.

A free space in the city

The hopes for Gallery Børmose is to create a welcoming place where guests can feel the warmth and joy, Dortes paintings reflect. A place with singalong, art lectures and courses for people interested in art.

Visit Gallery Børmose and join in on creating cozy settings in the name of painting.


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